Unless my class has provoked a crisis of thought among my students, forced them to consider things differently, opened their eyes to something new and unexpected, I haven’t done my job right.


It is student satisfaction and actual learning that makes this part of my job meaningful and rewarding. My approach focuses on blending state-of-the-art theory from research with practice-based case material. My past track record (evaluations and teaching awards) testify to my commitment to high quality and engaged teaching. I am a passionate educator who is building on a problem-based, cross-disciplinary teaching style, creating innovative and engaging learning experiences. 

I particularly enjoy taking students by surprise with unusual methods. Inspired by Deleuze’s idea of “shock-to-thought” (how experience and confrontation to unusual situations triggers the thinking process in a unique and creative way), I like confronting mainstream theories to alternative theories based on an experiential learning pedagogy making full use of in-class experiences and encouraging student engagement and critical reflexivity.


Such experimentations earned me the Impact and Innovation Pedagogy and Teaching Award at Emlyon in 2017, and I regularly receive very positive student evaluations such as seen below:

Shadow on Concrete Wall


« Unique and masterful course, THANK YOU ! the best course I’ve had at emlyon » 


« Madame Pérezts is the professor who has made the most impact during my studies. She is the professor who best embodies what I had hoped for when I joined Emlyon. I was impressed by her background and her teaching skills. She shared her knowledge with passion, in a dynamic way, she is one of the rare few professors for whom I wanted to provide high quality work ». 


I have been teaching on a regular basis since 2008, in France and Mexico, in either of the four languages that I master (English, Spanish, French and Italian) to students ranging from Bachelor to PhD and Executive Education. 

Additionally, I've given various talks as an invited speaker in academic conferences, at corporate events or in other universities. 

I teach or have previously taught the following topics: 

  • PHD Philosophy of Science (epistemology) 

  • PHD Social Theory 1 & 2 

  • PGM Executive education – HRM for managers 

  • Bachelor final year – RECAPSS : Applied Research in Social Sciences (Introduction to social science research)

  • Bachelor final year – Business Ethics 

  • MSc in Management – Strategic Human Resource Management 

  • MSc in Management - Philosoph(ies) and Management 

  • Msc in Management - Managing Otherwise 

  • Msc in Management - Power and Politics 

  • Master in Financial Engineering - Finance Ethics and Compliance 

  • BBA – Social Sciences